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Do Fire Stations Install Car Seats?

Getting your car seat checked at a fire station is something we've often been told to do. From the early days of your pregnancy through your child's formative years, you might hear from pediatricians, nurses, or fellow parents that you can roll up to a fire station to ensure your car seat is properly installed.

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The best car seat is the one that fits your budget, child, vehicle and lifestyle. With over 250 car seats on the market, choosing the right one for you can get really overwhelming. Not to worry! Think of us as your personal car seat shopper. We will find your best match in minutes.


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You know choosing the right car seat is just the first part of the equation. Installing it correctly and fitting your child properly is critical to protecting them in a car crash. The great news is, you can totally get it right! We will talk you through all your questions and worries so you hang up feeling car seat confident.

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Because your child has to ride in a car seat for 10-12 years, lots of questions can come up along the way and finding the answers isn't always easy. Maybe you're booking a family trip and have no idea what to do about the car seats. Or you're growing your family and now need to fit three car seats in a row. Or you're big kid is begging to transition to a booster seat and you just aren't sure they are ready. There isn't a question we haven't heard! Our team of certified technicians know all the answers.

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